Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mega Man Finally on Atari 2600...I've been waiting 20 years! (Video)

Boss Battle...what an epic battle!

Mega Man Finally on Atari 2600...I've been waiting 20 years! posted "It's official: Mega Man has now appeared on every single game system. This bit of retro homage -- a Mega Man game progammed for the Atari 2600 -- was intended to be part of the i am 8-bit exhibit, but didn't make it in for some reason or another, probably for missing the deadline."

Too bad there are not too many Atari 2600's around anymore...I think they might be 20 years to late! Oh well, better luck next time!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yahoo sued for informing China on dissidents reports that Yahoo is being sued by The World Organization for Human Rights USA, who "is seeking unspecified damages and wants Yahoo to actively secure the release of any detainees."

"Yahoo has acknowledged turning over data on its users at the request of the Chinese government, saying company employees face civil and criminal sanctions if they ignore local laws."

Another All-American to Join the Trojans

As if there isn't enough already, reports Arkansas quarterback and Parade High School Player of the Year Mitch Mustain plans to transfer to USC next year after he and his head coach did not see the offense going in the same direction.

It can't hurt to get another top quarterback, considering we already have two waiting in Booty's shadow (Sanchez and Alex Corp) but I guess it just shows Mustain does not mind competition, as there is certain to be plenty of it next spring!

UNC Wright to NBA reported yesterday that UNC's freshman forward Brandon Wright will leave the Tar Heels after just one season and head to the NBA. As Wright if a sure top ten pick, and some have him as high as third, "he just couldn't pass on the chance to take care of his family by entering the NBA draft."

Like Nick Young, Wright found a way to better his family's financial situation, it just sucks for Trojan and Tar Heel fans that they do not get to see them anymore playing college basketball.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Nooooo! (follow up)

Well confirmed Nick Young's decision to pass on his senior season at USC and enter the NBA draft.

"I want to buy my mom her first house. That's one of the main reasons I made this decision," Young said Tuesday at a news conference on campus. "It was tough for us. They've been behind me all the way."

I am happy for Young and his family, now they will have financial stability, it just sucks he couldn't hang around another year.

Lil' Romeo to be a Trojan?

According to rapper Lil' Romeo, who plays basketball on the Beverly Hills High School basketball team wants to play ball at USC. He said he eventually wants to play for the NBA.

Why do all the basketball players want to be rappers and the rappers to be basketball players?!!